Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gnome shell popup menu problem [Solved]

Well if you are a gnome shell user and using eclipse for development you may have come across this bug Well some thinks its related to java and some thinks its related to SWT. But my friends its a gnome shell bug or i would say a feature that's not yet implemented :).

My Story:
I was sick of unity because of the slowness and high memory usage which is believe its really unnecessary. Yes Yes i know the memory are cheap these days, but still i don't like to wast my memory unnecessarily.

So i went on searching for a DE that fits my needs, i tried gnome shell but gave up because of this problem.
Then KDE ................ Hmmmmm nop not my choice feels bit odd, may be due to the fact that i was a gnome user for very long time now.
Then i tried Cinnamon, well it was not the one i was looking for either. But for for my surprise it didn't had the right click problem. I knew that cinnamon was a fork of gnome shell and if cinnamon can fix this why not gnome :).

Well i did some search on the cinnamon issue list and came across the following issue

Great now its time to find the change that they have done. So i went through the cinnamon commit history to find the changes and end up with the following commits.

Now you need to clone mutter and gnome shell code from the gnome git repository. Then you need to create new branches based on the 3.6.1 tag for both the projects.

When appling changes you will need to map some files from cinnamon to gnome shell, muffin to mutter as follows since there are some file name differences.

Cinnamon     : src/cinnamon-global.c
Gnome Shell : src/shell-global.c

Muffin     : src/meta/compositor-muffin.h

Mutter    : src/meta/compositor-mutter.h

Now compile and install the changes. The problem will be solved :). I wonder why gnome shell developers are not considering taking this fix in from cinnamon :(.

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