Thursday, July 25, 2013

Enabling Bluetooth file receiving on Gnome 3.8

Well this applies to Fedora 19. With the default installation you will not be able to receive file from your Bluetooth device such as your smart phone. First of all you need to install the following libraries using your package manager.

gnome-user-share obexfs

Once the above libraries are installed, go into Settings -> Share and enable Bluetooth sharing and make sure you "Save Received Files to Download Folder". After this restart your PC.

Now you can pair your phone with the PC and send files to your PC.


# rm -rf / said...


Thanks for the tutorial, but I could not find 'gnome-user-shareobexfs' package on Fedora 19.

Is it on official repositories or I should add another one?

Anonymous said...

He probably meant two packages: gnome-user-share and obexfs

Gayan Perera said...

Thanks for pointing out #kyoushuu, corrected the typing mistake.

Gayan Perera said...

Seem that in Fedora20 you don't need obexfs