Sunday, October 2, 2016

Getting Angular-CLI on Fedora 24

Well we all love Angular :). But for a developer who is stepping from Java Maven world into Javascript client side development with Angular2, nodejs, webpack etc is some what alien. Well the thing is there are so many built tools, packging tools out there for javascript which is hard to grasp the standard to start with.

But like the prayers been answered we have Angular-CLI. But it was bit of a bumpy ride for me to get it started on Fedora24 box. So here are the steps to get you going

1. You need to install g++ if you don't have it yet, run the following command to install it.
$ sudo dnf install gcc-c++
2. Then update the npm to latest, i mean the very latest or next version by running the following command
$ npm -g install npm@next
3. Clean the npm module cache by running the following command
$  npm clean cache
4. Now you can install angular-cli by running
$ npm install -g angular-cli
Thats it, Now you can follow documentation on and start developing your first angular2 application.

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