Friday, March 23, 2012

My Git-SVN Experience

Well some time back i started to use Git at my work place so i can share the code with my fellow developers when doing parallel development. The main reason for this is that the code was not ready to be push to our central repo.

Well then i though of giving a try with git-svn so i can create topic branch and work on it, share it and then when things ready, commit it to central repo. But the first thing i saw from my fellow developers was a unhappy face :(.

Well there is a reason for this. Because git have lot of advance functionality which make you possible to do things that you even don't think of. And their alternative commands for same task which make most of people confuse (including me some time back) and using those in wrong places will put you in trouble.

Well i tried git-svn for first time and the cloning of the repo was fine. But it was fine on command line not in the tortiseGit UI. And before committing back to central repo i was force to svn rebase (even though there was no changes in the central repo after i cloned) and dcommit which i guess is bit confusing for some users. It also took a long time to commit a change with few local revisions which got success after retrying for the second time. Even though it was OK with me, but we need some thing more simpler which gets the job done quickly with out the need for going through manuals to find out descriptions of various commands.

So i though to give a try to bzr which also have a svn integration. But that will be in another post :).

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