Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updating Nokia E66 on VirtualBox

Well i wanted to update my wife's phone software which is a Nokia E66. I don't have a separate windows installation on my pc since i'm using Ubuntu. So i normally keep a window installation in a VirtualBox vm for emergency cases like this.

Well when i tried to start to update in the Nokia Suite it just switch of the phone which will be in kind of like sleep mode. After some time the Nokia Suite reports the connection is interrupted. Well first i though its some thing to do with the phone. Well then again i though may be i should look at the usb connections available. Because in the Nokia Suite massage it says to restart the phone to try to run the update process again. So that means the phone is not switched off, its in a mode which the user interactions are disabled.

So what i did was, i created a empty filter criteria in the vm usb settings and then start the update operation again. So as soon as the phone screen switch off  for my surprise when i look at the usb device connections i saw some thing like "Nokia ROM .....". So i selected that. This cause the Nokia Suite to show some progress in the progress bar. The easiest way to find out whether your phone is switched it's mode is the usb activity indicator in the VM status bar. If its idle that means the phone has switched it's mode.

So for this phone it switches in the three modes before it restarts the phone. After the restart the phone had the new version of the software and the feature that is stated in the update information. Hope this will be help full for some one who is primarily not running windows but on a OS which can run VirtualBox.


Anonymous said...

This looks like exactly what I want to do. What is this vm usb setting you are refering to?

GAP said...

Its the USB configuration in VirtualBox for that particular VM. More information is there in